Japanese, JLPT N3

N3 スタート!


“虎穴に入らずんば虎子を得ず。” – “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

I recently sat my HSC Japanese Continuers’ Exam, but I have decided to willingly hit the books post-HSC (am I nuts or what?!) so that I can sit my JLPT N3 exam sometime next year.  It’s really frustrating (and a bit embarrassing) to know that 5 years of Japanese high school study (according to the state curriculum) only ends up equating to the N4 exam (second easiest after N5), but I’m determined and will make this work. I see a tutor once a week, but the rest will be independent, daily study.  I am currently using the 日本語総まとめ (Nihongo Sou-Matome) textbook series, but I will also be supplementing my efforts as written below.

How I will be studying

  • Make Anki decks for kanji and vocabulary
  • Kanji writing practice (I know that the JLPT has no written section, but I find this useful for my muscle memory!)
  • Making grammar notes (explanations, sample sentences etc.)
  • Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese Textbook
  • Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese Textbook and Grammar Book
  • NHK Slow Japanese News (will hopefully progress as appropriate), SBS Japanese
  • Manga and any foreign films I come across –> this counts as immersion right… 😀

If anybody else has any suggestions as to how I should be studying / revision strategies etc I am more than open to all advice and suggestions ^^



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