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着いた!New Arrival


この ポスト は ちょっと 短い けど ぜったい 書きたかったよ!今日 私 の インターネット で 買った とびら と言う 本 を 着いたから。とても うれしい!この 教科書 を 使うのを 楽しみにしている。

Nice surprise in the letterbox for me today (I take back my comment on Amazon’s slow shipping…)!  I can’t believe that I’m this excited about receiving a textbook, most other 17/18 year olds are partying/clubbing =_=

However, I don’t think that I will start using Tobira straight away – I would like to finish my current textbook’s “6 week” preparation course first (in the middle of week 3), to get some extra vocabulary and grammar points under my belt before working through this book at my own pace.  I especially like the multimedia aspect of Tobira though- I’m sure the listening clips will come in handy ^^

Textbook coma…:D


11 thoughts on “着いた!New Arrival

  1. Hannah says:

    I’m looking forward to receiving this in the mail too! 🙂

    Although it’s not required, I’m thinking of getting the Grammar and Kanji Tobira books.

    • I haven’t started with it yet, but I’ve just finished the 6 week JLPT Preparation book, so I’ll be starting soon – I’ve read the introduction and had a thorough flick through and I’m really excited. The passages are a fairly challenging length and memorisation of kanji is really pushed ^^ I’m so happy that I’ve found someone else who gets excited about textbooks so I don’t feel like such a freak…>.<

      I thought about getting the Grammar and Kanji books (I looked through them at the bookshop too), but the Grammar book doesn't have answers…so I wasn't sure how useful it'd be to me. But the kanji book looks good.

      • Hannah says:

        I see, I might pick them up later in the year as I need other textbooks for uni. I’m starting Chinese next year, sort’ve just been practising the tones. I saw in your about that you’re in Australia, I live in Tassie, I want to go on exchange to Japan year after next and as a part of that I’ll be taking the JLPT, I’m aiming for level 3 as well ^_^ Don’t feel like a freak, having a passion is good! And one such as languages I think is healthier than excessive partying. I think it’s awesome that you’ve learn Italian and French as well, keep up the good work 🙂

      • Yes, I’m from Sydney ^^ I’ve only been to Tasmania once (when I was in primary school), but it’s a really beautiful place, and the produce is just 😀 Nice to see a fellow Aussie round here!

        When do you plan to take your JLPT? We can be study buddies of sorts then ^^

        And thank you for your kind words 😀 I’m turning 18 (on Wednesday!) but I’d still much rather do language study at home than do “normal” high-school leaver stuff. And going out is so expensive >.<

        I've also just started learning Mandarin!! I'm Chinese, but I come from a Cantonese background so my family doesn't know Mandarin – we must be linguistic kindred spirits or something haha 🙂

      • Hannah says:

        I do quite like it down here, I’ve been to Sydney once. Well, hopefully with how my timetable works out for my degree it’ll be in the second half of 2015. I would go next year, but I’m on a trip to South Africa. Happy Birthday for Wednesday 🙂 My eighteenth was back in May XD May I ask, what is the difference between Mandarin and Cantonese? Yeah it’s a bit like that 🙂

      • Thank you ^^

        Hmm…I’m not quite sure how to explain the difference to you (when you have another background language, you never consider these things right?). Cantonese is mainly spoken in the south of China (Guangzhou etc) and in Hong Kong (where my family is from). Mandarin has 4 tones but Cantonese has 6, as well as slightly different sounds in pronunciation. HK people also write using traditional characters, not simplifed. Cantonese also sounds quite different – I’d say that it’s less pleasant to listen to than Mandarin, maybe a bit more…nasal? Harsh? I don’t know how to describe it – maybe Youtube some clips lol 😀 Cantonese speaking people always sound like they’re complaining, it’s that kind of sound haha >.<

      • Hannah says:

        I find that a good explanation 🙂 I have a friend who I met at the beginning of high school and she got to start Chinese then and learnt Japanese at the same time. From what she has told me, grammatically Chinese is the same as English, so that is a benefit. I am worried about the pronunciation, with Japanese it’s easier, no tones. In terms of Kanji/Hanzu, I think it’s good that I’ve learnt Japanese first, especially with the Kun and On readings, I believe I will get confused at times, but I think my 12 year old self would have been way more confused. I want to learn how to write/read Korean too at some stage, but again, worried about the pronunciation.

      • Yes, the kanji will definitely help, although some Chinese characters will be simplified – I found learning Japanese kanji a lot easier because of prior Chinese knowledge.

        You shouldn’t worry too much about pronunciation – just go for it I say ^^

      • Hannah says:

        Yes that is a benefit 🙂 I will, it shall be fun ^^ I must say, I am enjoying Asian languages a lot more than European ones, it’s the writing systems, I find them quite aesthetic in a way ^^

  2. Ah! I have Tobira as well! 😀 I ordered all 3 and I was so happy to get them in the mail. Funny thing is, I think I got mine around the same time you did. XD I’d like to finish genki ii first before starting it so I’m still like 。゚゚(つД≦。)°゚。  because I’ve always wanted this set but haven’t started it yet. I love how much more of a challenge it is vs genkii and how there’s a lot more text in Japanese vs English.

    • Tobira definitely has lots of good passages, that are a challenging length, but are interesting too – I think you’ll enjoy using it once you’ve finished Genki, it’s a good next step ^^

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