弁当を作ろう!/ Bento Goodies, everybody sing :D


最近、日本 の 弁当 の 文化に きょうみ が あるから、インターネットで JUST BENTO と言う 料理書 を 買う こと に した。それと、先週 DAISO に行って、弁当の作り物を買った!今、とても うれしくて、本当に 弁当 を 作るのを 楽しんでいるよ!

Hello everybody (or nobody, as always) ^^

Recently, I’ve been interested in Japan’s “bento-making” culture, so I decided to buy the “Just Bento” cookbook online.  Also, last week, I went to Daiso and bought some bento-making stuff!  So now, I’m super happy/pleased with myself and am really looking forward to making some bento!

There’s just something about the love and care that goes into the making of a bento box that makes me smile.  Thus, now that I have a bit of free time before starting uni next year, I thought it’d be an ideal time for me to delve into the wonderful world of bento.  Our family has always taken packed lunch to work / school, so hopefully some bento items will be a welcome addition to our daily routines ^^

And now for my purchases:


Makiko Itoh’s Just Bento cookbook.  Her blog is here.


Some large cookie cutters for sandwiches, an onigiri (riceball) mould and some sauce bottles.

I’ve had a quick read of the book, and I would first like to try tamagoyaki / rolled egg…so watch this space ^^



Thanks for reading – until next time! 


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