新しい 文房具 / New Stationery

小学校生 の 時 から、きれいな 文房具 が 好き に なった。特に アジア の ノート や 手紙 の 紙 など が 好き だ。西洋 の 文房具 は あまり おもしろくない と おもう から!アジア の 文房具 は かわいいだけじゃなくて、高くない。

今日は EBAYで 買った 2014 の プランナー が 着いた ので とても うれしいよ!この プランナー は 韓国 の かわいくて 有名な MOLANG と言う キャラクター が あって、色々な シール も ある。

兄 は いつも「どうして オンライン の カレンダ を 使わない??!」と 言う けど 本当に 文房具なしでは 生きて いけない!!来年 わたし の 新しい プランナー を 使うのを 楽しんでいる!

I’ve loved stationery ever since I was in primary school – I especially like Asian notebooks, letter writing stationery etc, because I find that Western stationery is just so uninteresting!  Asian stationery is not only cute, but also inexpensive.

I’m really happy because the 2014 planner that I bought off eBay arrived today!  The planner has the cute, well-known Korean character Molang on it, and comes with lots of stickers too.

My big brother is always saying: “Why don’t you just use an online calendar??!” but I really can’t live without stationery.  I’m looking forward to using my new planner next year! 



Stickers galore – I’m going to have to use at least one every day at this rate haha 😀


Image Yearly calendar and planner

ImageMonthly planner

ImageDaily planner

This post was kind of pointless, but I really really love stationery (I’m the only person I know still investing in letter paper) and it has an important place in my life.  Not to mention that I’ve finally got my Photoshop working and no longer have to rely on substandard smartphone camera filters.  I’d say my love affair with paper goods started when I was about 10 years old, in Year 4.  I now have a special section of my bookshelf for my notebooks and letter-writing sets.  Quality / cute / pretty / quirky stationery has the ability to add colour to one’s life in a simple manner – so why pass up such an opportunity?  Study / office supplies don’t have to be clinical, and it seems that Asia has long ago embraced this philosophy.  I just wish the Western world would do the same (without the price tag!)!

Do you guys like stationery too?  Or am I just weird / childish… T_T

PS And because this is supposed to be mainly a language learning blog, I watched NHK Japanese News for the first time on SBS today!…and understood practically nothing except:

-there was a helicopter crash

-the rising cost of living in Japan

-a detailed profiling of prominent leadership figures in North Korea –> I never realised that different countries had such different approaches to current affairs…

Also did some Mandarin study.

That’s it for today! *waves goodbye*


4 thoughts on “新しい 文房具 / New Stationery

    • Thank god, I thought I was the only one lamenting plain, unadorned stationery ^^ I currently have a lot of winter-themed paper, which has been handy for Christmas messages etc 😀

  1. No! Not childish at all (first of all you are not even old :P) I love getting neat and fancy stationery myself. I’m able to enjoy my writing so much more with it. So I totally understand how girls could be fascinated by kawaii mono (That’s a word right..?)

    And I don’t know if you ever realized, but so much of those stationery, especially notes, in Asia have awkward English written on it. I couldn’t find a good example but something like this http://cfile24.uf.tistory.com/image/2275A03B5257739A305523
    (“This notebook opens fully”)

    • Yes that’s a word ^^ And yes, I suppose I can’t be complaining about my age eh? I’m too greedy in life haha >.<

      I know, bad Engrish is the bane of my stationery-purchasing existence, it's all got random stuff like: "Just like a love" "Nice day you" etc etc T_T That's why when I go to Asian stationery shops, I always take a really really long time going through pretty much every single product because almost all of them have bad phrasing that ruins the look =_= I'm glad somebody else understands this predicament!

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