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Birthday Blessings



C’était mon anniversaire hier.  Enfin, j’ai 18 ans!

Ieri era il mio compleanno.  Finalmente, ho 18 anni!

Yesterday was my birthday – I’m finally 18 ^^  And because I feel it is appropriate (read on to find out why! did I just say that? geez…), I’m going to write the next part in (recently much-neglected!) Italian:

Ieri, ho anche ricevuto i miei voti per gli esami di maturità.  C’erano qualche sorpresa: sono secondo nel tutto il stato per l’italiano!  Ecco i miei voti per le mie lingue:

96 per il giapponese

98 per l’italiano

99 per il francese

Non avevo niente come ragione per essere triste il giorno del mio compleanno!  Ma devo ammettere qualcosa – no voglio affatto parere arrogante ma questi risultati non vogliono dire molto per me.  Ho finite gli esami di maturità quasi un mese fa – adesso, questa parte della ma vita ha già finito.  Anche se ero delusa dai voti, non sarebbe importante. Perché sento che ho già cominciato la prossima parte della mia vita- cioè gli studi delle lingue indipendente e l’esplorazione di altre lingue.  Ed è questo che mi fa contenta – qualcosa che i voti non può mai fare.

Yesterday I received my HSC (end of high school/ university entrance, wherever you’re reading from ^^) exams.  There were some surprises: I came 2nd in the entire state for Italian!  Here are my marks for my languages:

96 for Japanese

98 for Italian

99 for French

I definitely had no reason to be sad on my birthday!  But I must admit something – I don’t want to sound arrogant but these results don’t mean a lot to me.  I finished my HSC exams almost a month ago – that part of my life has already finished.  Even if I was disappointed in my marks, it wouldn’t be important.  Because I feel that I’ve already started the next part of my life – that is, independent language study, and the exploration of other languages.  And that’s what makes me happy – something that grades can’t ever do.

Damn is my Italian rusty (any Italian speakers/ readers out there? help!) T_T  A little philosophical for a Thursday night huh?  It’s true though.  Some of my friends sent congratulatory messages etc etc but it just doesn’t feel relevant.  I’m studying for my JLPT and focusing on immersing myself in the other languages I know now – why does all this old stuff matter?  Honestly, some days I’m learning new Japanese grammar, and I have a nice Korean song on in the background and I’m just so happy ^^ That’s probably not the definition of bliss for most people though….蓼食う虫も好き好き (each to their own!).

However, my Italian results have prompted me to pull out my old school textbook.  We only did about half the book during school, so I plan to finish the rest of it.  I also have a good grammar book that I can work through.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a good self-study Italian textbook?

In other news, in my last post, I briefly mentioned the way in which different countries approach the broadcast of current affairs aka the structure and content of their televised news programs.  I managed to catch the French news the other morning on SBS, and although there was some interesting stuff on the German government and the toy black market in the lead up to Christmas (gasp!), the rest was all politics.  Can someone explain the intensity of French interest in politics?  Anybody??!

A presto!

PS The cake was triple chocolate mousse.  #sorrynotsorry


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