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Pour fêter / aka the best part of any celebration…

…is obviously the food.  I’ll be writing in French today, about my birthday/end of exam celebration dinner ^^

Vendredi dernier, j’ai eu la chance d’aller au restaurant “Guillaume at Bennelong” avec ma famille pour fêter mon 18ème anniversaire et mes bons resultats du bac. 

“Guillaume at Bennelong” est le restaurant du chef français Guillaume Brahimi (donc la raison pourquoi j’écris en français aujourd’hui!) et c’est un des établissements culinaires le plus connu et iconiqe ici à Sydney.  Un restaurant de “trois toques” (on n’a pas d’étoiles au Michelin en Australie, pourtant je ne sais pas pourquoi…), il est situé dans une des “voiles” de l’Opéra de Sydney.  On a dû réserver presque un mois en avance!  J’avais tellement hâte tout le mois d’y aller, et enfin, vendredi dernier ça y est!   

Je vais parler de la nourriture en anglais – je crois que j’aurais du mal à expliquer cette expérience en français…

Last Friday, I was lucky enough to go the restaurant “Guillaume at Bennelong” with my family to celebrate my 18th birthday as well as my good exam marks.

“Guillaume at Bennelong” is the restaurant of French chef Guillaume Brahimi (and thus the reason why I’m writing in French today!) and it is one of the most well-known and iconic culinary establishments in Sydney.  A “3-hat” restaurant (we don’t have Michelin stars in Australia, I don’t know why that is…), it is situated in one of the “sails” of the Sydney Opera House.  We had to book almost a month in advance! I was looking forward to going the entire month, and finally, last Friday, I got to go!

I’m going to talk about the food in English – I think it’d be difficult to explain this experience in French… >.<

I ordered really unphotogenic food, so I’ve borrowed the more appetizing dishes of my family members – hope you don’t mind!


Entree: Spanner Crab with avocado, cucumber, coriander and capsicum coulis.  I ordered steak tartare (which was delicious!) but I soon found out that editing doesn’t really improve the appearance of raw meat so…


 Main: Angus beef tenderloin with watercress, salsa verde and veal jus, with a side of Bennelong’s famous Paris mash (it was so smooth and buttery I can’t even T_T)


Dessert: Gateau opera with chocolate brandy snap and coffee ice cream

Of course we didn’t bring my birthday cake (from previous post) to the restaurant (it’s just that sort of place you know, you just can’t >.<), so we ate that at home ^_^

And now a little bit from the language learning front:

-have been watching the French news every morning (except when I have work) and I can understand everything!  I’ve noticed that French news likes to have lots of little “enquêtes” (I guess this translates to investigations?) into varied topics (today was on the diamond industry :O) so I feel like I’m learning new stuff too which is good right 😀

Je crois que c’est tout pour aujourd’hui – à bientôt!

I think that’s all for today – see you soon!


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