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HK Snaps

Just a photo diary of sorts from my stay in Hong Kong – please enjoy! ^^

ImageMini Hotel, Causeway Bay

ImageImageFresh juice from the supermarket or streetside – your choice!  Either way it tastes good ^^

ImageImageHigh-rise living in Kornhill (康怡花園), Quarry Bay ( 鰂魚涌), where my auntie lives.

ImageI managed to catch Korean boyband Block B’s appearance at Windsor House (I don’t know how many of you guys are Kpop fans, so I saved the fangirling for my separate Kpop blog dw >.<)

ImageInspecting live seafood at Lei Yue Mun fishing village (鯉魚門).  You can pick what you like from the tanks, and the vendors will literally take it to the restaurant next door for you so it can be cooked and eaten ^^

ImageBreakfast at Maxim’s (美心), which I can only describe as fast food HK style (?).  I think most health nuts would balk at the idea of starting the day with Spam and instant noodles but whatever.   Milk tea is also the beverage of choice in HK (my favourite :D) – a must try!

ImageImageImageCafe Matchbox (喜喜冰室), Causeway Bay – styled like an old-style HK cafe, and an absolute gem!  Plus it was right next to our hotel 😀  The last picture is of “black and white toast” (as translated literally in Chinese), and I swear it’s nowhere near as horrifying as it looks!!  It has black sesame paste and condensed milk on top.  If there’s one thing I love about HK, it’s definitely the toast.  It’s super soft, buttery and brick-like in height and so so so delicious.  This cafe’s french toast is excellent too.

ImageImageGrand Aquarium at Ocean Park – aquariums are definitely one of my favourite places to go to.  There’s an irreplaceable air of beauty and serenity, plus they make me feel less uncomfortable than zoos.

ImageDried pork (猪肉乾) at Bee Cheng Hiang (美珍香) – I’m salivating T_T There’s stores everywhere in HK (excellent snack when on the go, but a little sticky…), but I know that Australian customs doesn’t allow meat products back into the country – more to eat while travelling then!

ImageImageDried goods (the smell from these shops is intense) and butchers at the street markets.  Mum always buys several bags of dried mushrooms to take back, which always earns us raised eyebrows from the customs officers at the airport >.<

Anyway, that’s about it from HK.  I hope you liked the photos, and if you’ve ever been to, or have any thoughts about HK, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment ^^ I still have a lot of photos to sort through and edit from France, so there should be a couple more posts like these coming your way, so stay tuned!

PS Japanese study is non-existent what is Japanese help


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