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Alsace Tidbits

I can’t really call this a photo diary, because I didn’t realise just how few pictures I’d taken of the region, plus the weather was so gloomy = un-blogworthy photos.  We stopped in Colmar for 3 days to visit my host family, with whom I stayed with for 2 months in 2011 as part of a French language exchange (which really helped boost my ability from mediocre to being able to manage in daily life!).  I’m really happy and proud to say that after 2 years, I am still extremely close with my French “sister”, and that her parents still love me 😀 Her mum also said that my French has really improved over time, and that she truly believes that I could even study at a French university if I wanted (!!).

So if you speak French, German, like pretzels, skiing or cute architecture, or would like to experience their famous Christmas markets,  I’d highly recommend a visit to the beautiful region of Alsace ^^


Strasbourg Cathedral (one of the most elaborate in France)

ImageImageSalts and spices at the Marché Couvert (open every weekend)

ImageColmar Station (with a miraculously blue sky! The weather rapidly degraded following this photo >.<)

ImageThe deserted Colmar main street on a Sunday morning, featuring the traditional Alsatian style of architecture.  The houses of Colmar actually inspired the architecture found in Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle (have any of you seen it? ^^)

ImageThe cutest primroses at the florist when I was buying flowers for my host mum

I definitely have more photos of France coming up, but I hope you enjoyed this photo “tidbit” 😀

A la prochaine fois! / Until next time! x


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