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Snippets + French News Resources

My laptop still isn’t quite working so I am unable to do photo posts, but fear not (!) I promise that I have some recipes and France photos still to come ^^

I’ve been at university for 2 weeks now. I’m studying Law / Arts (Media & Communications), so aside from my core Law and Media subjects, I managed to squeeze in French and Japanese for the Arts component of my degree, and I’m really enjoying it! The language part that is, the rest sucks.

Some bits and pieces from the language learning front:


  • I was allowed to skip straight to Senior French 9 (out of 10 levels!! eek…).  The level is okay but I’m beginning to realise that my grammar is not up to scratch though…must add grammar study to the never-ending list of to dos =_=
  • We are studying the work of contemporary French philosopher Michel Serres – do any of you guys know him? He’s eloquent but a bit of an old windbag
  • We are practicing writing compte rendus (written summaries of audio / audiovisual texts in one’s own words). The teacher asked me to read one of mine in front the class and she said it was good!!
  • We will be studying Amélie Nothomb’s novel Les Catilinaires and writing an essay on it (oh dear…)


  • I’m in Senior Japanese 5 – smack bang in the middle, but it’s intermediate level work and suits me well
  • We’re studying using An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese – I really like the book, but if you’re not a student, the constant student-based content can be a bit >.< The pace of the class is good too, we do a chapter every week ^^
  • Our Japanese is broken up into 3 1 hour tutorials per week – Reading, Grammar & Speaking, which will hopefully force me to improve my non-existent Japanese speaking skills
  • N3 prep is chugging along…started amping up my listening practice, but the recordings are so fast…I’m in deep shit T.T

Uni Life

  • Joined the French & Japanese societies so I could go to their conversation groups but realized they clash with my timetable so I can’t even go this semester T.T
  • The joy of packed lunch! Occasional late starts mean that I get the time to pick out a new recipe and cook it for my lunch ^^ I’ve tried out Okinawan taco rice (comfort food heaven) and will be cooking something Thai-inspired this week – stayed tune for a recipe (hopefully!)
  • Some reading for any bento / packed lunch fans (who else can’t afford to buy food), a Tofugu interview with a bento artist.

Useful French listening links:

am a Media student, but I must say that I’m a huge fan of current affairs/news! Our first French assessment is a listening test (where we then write a compte rendu summary afterwards) so I’ve found myself doing a lot of listening on the French front. Some useful links if any of you want to practice your French with French current affairs:

  • SBS French: you can listen to podcasts of SBS French radio, foreign films or catch up on the French news (le JT/ le journal télévisé). Otherwise, you can catch it on SBS1 every morning at 8:40am.
  • Replays: another site where you can replay the TV news
  • For those short on time: France Info offers “France Info en 3 minutes” – an audio clip compression of the day’s news in just 3 minutes! It’s absolute gold ^^ It also provides links to more detailed (yet still succint!) written articles featured.
  • For multitaskers: I’m forced to spend a lot of time everyday commuting to uni so I make the most of my train trips (if I’m not sleeping…). Download a wide variety of short podcasts (topics include travel, world news, arts etc) on the Radio France Podcast app and listen to them later.

I hope that these links are useful to any French learners out there ^^

Bonne écoute et à la prochaine fois! (happy listening and until next time!)



8 thoughts on “Snippets + French News Resources

  1. tucker says:

    I can’t believe that you’re learning several languages at the same time. I don’t even master English.XD がんばって!

    • I suppose it’s what I’ve always done because my high school allowed me the option of studying French, Japanese and Italian at the same time ^^

      I love language learning, so I’m very lucky that I’m able to spend the majority of my time doing what makes me happy 😀

  2. I always listen to a podcast on my journey into uni as well! That way I get at least an hour of Japanese listening each day 🙂 It almost makes me welcome the commute. Almost.

    • haha I totally feel you, but it’s better than doing readings that aren’t actually being mentally absorbed (in my opinion) T.T
      But it does depend, because sometimes I’m just really sleepy so there’s no point listening to a podcast because I know that I don’t have the energy to follow along.

  3. Sophie says:

    Omg hello Chantelle! I think your blog’s great actually, it’s very informative and you give great language learning advice 🙂 It’s pretty impressive that you can balance out your workload for law and media+communications, and also find the time to share your passions on this blog. Bonne continuation! (et j’espère que tu profites de ces vacances pour vraiment te détendre un peu)

    • omfg I’m so embarrassed T.T (and as you can see from the blank pages in my French livret, I’m sure you can tell that I’m balancing the workload well :D)

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