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Paris Dreaming


Finally the last of my holiday photos – enjoy ^^


Aquarelle (75006)


Duck at Mangetout par Alain Dutournier (75006)



Jardin du Luxembourg / Luxembourg Gardens (75006)


Le Marché aux fleurs et aux oiseaux / Bird and Flower Market (but they sell other pets too) (75004)


Notre Dame (75004)


One of the cuter locks I saw ^^ Some people just use huge-ass bike locks and I think it detracts from the romantic feel? idk each to their own I guess…


Berthillon salted caramel ice-cream, take me back…T.T (75004)


Bouquinistes (second-hand booksellers, some also sell knick-knacks) along the Seine – they’re a real treasure trove, and everything’s in excellent condition too (all wrapped in plastic).  I picked up Camus and Anne Frank for a couple of euros.


Nem at Pan Viet 😀 (75003)


Palais Garnier (75009)


Sweet treats at Angelina (75001) – if you come here to eat afternoon tea etc be prepared to wait.  The queue is long but it moves fast (we waited for about 1/2hr?).

Hopefully this gets the travel-inclined cogs in your mind going!

Until next time! ^_^


14 thoughts on “Paris Dreaming

  1. Caniche says:

    Paris is so pretty. ^^ Their avenues are so large and there are so many parks. Hope you got to practice your French a lot while there!

    • It was beautiful, and great to have reduced tourist numbers it was winter!

      Yes I had no choice, I’m the only person in my family who speaks French so it was my responsibility to do everything if English wasn’t available. It was definitely good practice ^_^

  2. This is a GORGEOUS assortment of photos and it makes me want to travel even more right now^^ What kind of camera do you use, or do you just use your phone?

  3. These pictures are mind-blowing! I can’t wait to go to Paris! It must be an extraordinary experience to visit so many beautiful sites.

    • Thank you – I just used my phone, so it goes to show that you don’t need a super fancy, expensive camera to take photos T.T

      It was amazing, I’m so blessed to have gone – when will you be going??

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