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oh yes.

Edit85My Hello Korean 1 finally arrived today (excuse my horrendously messy desk)!  I can’t wait to use it, I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, which is why I chose it as my main text after some careful researching and deliberation.  

And so my Korean journey formally begins 😀


6 thoughts on “oh yes.

  1. n01008658 says:

    Oh! What a coincidence. I just ordered this a few days ago and now just waiting patiently for it to arrive so I can start it! How has it been for you so far?

    • I must unfortunately admit that although I bought this book halfway through last year, I have yet to make much headway with my Korean, and I am currently trying my best to improve my Japanese first, so I don’t know helpful I can be!! I find that the one thing that really irked me though as a complete beginner was lack of a Hangul chart with the romanised pronunciation, so I suggest you look one up on the Net and keep it handy at first. The dialogues are also a little short, but no major complaints otherwise! ^^

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