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Black garlic tonkotsu ramen at Gumshara

Black garlic tonkotsu ramen at Gumshara

I always always promise myself that I won’t neglect this blog once uni starts but alas….Hence why I’m trying to lure you guys back with food pictures mwahaha >:D

I don’t really have much in particular to blog about but it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t let you guys know how I’m going right?

I’ve signed up for the JLPT N3 test in December, so I should apparently be receiving my test voucher soon. I’m not sure how ‘ready’ I feel, but it’s difficult to define what exactly constitutes ‘ready’ I suppose? I’ve passed both of the practice papers that I’ve done but who knows what the difficulty level is – I don’t want to be lulled into a false sense of security. In any case, I’ll disclose my practice paper scores below:

Paper 1 (kanji, vocabulary & grammar + reading + listening)

43 / 60 + 56 / 60 + 49 / 60 = 148 / 180

Paper 2

38 / 60 + 57 / 60 + 52 / 60 = 147 / 180

The sectional pass marks are 19 points, and the total pass mark for N3 is 95, so I guess I can’t complain, but it was a good way to suss out any weak spots and further tailor my study, so now I’ve been concentrating extra hard on kanji, vocab and grammar, as well as strengthening my listening ^^

As usual, I’ve been reading as well. Tbh, it’s probably the only immersion that I can easily integrate into my day, given that I like reading so much anyway. I’m currently re-reading my Marchen Awakens Romance manga series by Nobuyuki Anzai, and Patrick Suskind’s Perfume (Parfum) in French.

I’ve recently stumbled across the concept of “studyspo” or “studyblrs” on Tumblr. I was so amazed – people really do blog about all sorts of things. It’s really motivating though, and I’m sort of addicted haha, it’s  literally such a wonderful tag for somebody like me, who is stationery-obsessed! So if any of you guys are students of any sort, I’d recommend it to you too 😀

Lastly, I’ve landed my first ‘proper’ job! I’ve been working part-time jobs since I was 15, but only retail ones (fast food etc.) so this is really exciting! I’ll be working at a law firm – I start next week, but I don’t have any business clothes so I need to go shopping >.<

Anyway, that’s about it! Thanks for reading ^^

PS will anybody else be taking the JLPT this December?

PPS does anybody else like ramen????? please share your faves 😛


6 thoughts on “oops.

  1. * Shin Ramen. Make with bok choy or cabbage, throw in a slice of pork or a pork dumpling.
    * Soybean ramen with tofu and zucchini.
    * curry ramen … I go crazy over the soup in this one. who needs veggies here, just let me slurp up every bit of the soup

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