I got a WordPress notification at the beginning of November saying that Polyglot Plotting had turned 1! I wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. I don’t feel that I’ve learnt or achieved much. I’ve finished my first year of university. And that’s about it lol :/

I feel really hypocritical because it seems that I don’t really make too much of an effort to ingrain language learning in my life – the moment uni starts, my language learning hobby stops. And then the interest wanes. But then I still obviously want to be multilingual and improve and JDALKA;SFJLKFJKAFJLF WHY CAN’T I GET MY ACT TOGETHER >.< When I have uni / work on, the only immersion I do is either target language reading. I must make language learning more of a habit!! I think this problem stems from my procrastinator attitude in general T.T But we’ll see, especially now that I’m on summer holidays. Hello Korean is begging to be used….

In other news, I’ll finally be taking the JLPT N3 next Sunday! Are there any other fellow test takers out there? I feel pretty okay about it – I’m pretty sure I can pass…? I’m more worried about how to navigate public transport to get to the test location tbh =.= I’ll do a post about the experience as soon as I’m done next week ^^

Hope you guys are doing well and progressing in your language journeys! *waves goodbye*

PS My brother introduced me to the song 小苹果 – such an earworm but tbh if a guy wrote lyrics like that about me I’d date him.


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