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cram cram cram


Squeezed in another past-ish N3 paper today! It’s from the JLPT’s official Practice Workbook, so I’m hoping that the level will be similar to the real thing. Results were as follows:

50/60 + 53/60 + 52/60 = 155/180

which is an improvement from my previous results of 147 and 148 that I wrote about in this post ^^ Reading is still my strongest, but I feel that everything else is getting better (probably largely due to higher retention of my Anki decks with time). However, I still seem to bleed marks in the ‘appropriate response’ section of listening =.= This is obviously a sign that I don’t know how to communicate properly in spoken Japanese…(!!!). I also sometimes make careless mistakes (as you do), so I must consider the use of my time carefully. I don’t have an issue with the time constraints of the exam so I hope that I can put the leftover time to good use to check my answers. However, checking multiple choice answers always spooks me because usually your first (instinctive) choice is correct so…hmmm.

I will keep seeing if I can track down some more papers to do before Sunday. If not, I will keep memorising my decks, especially Japanese ONOMATOPOEIA expressions because they often pop up in the vocabulary section. These are so damn tricky AND THERE’S LITERALLY A BILLION SOUNDS FOR REALLY SIMILAR ACTIONS AND CIRCUMSTANCES e.g. くるくる、ぐるぐる etc and the nuance is all different in only the slightest manner and I just…>_<” But I suppose that’s what makes Japanese such an interesting language- they literally have set onomatopoeic expressions for everything, things that nobody else would ever bother dealing with, it’s so funny!

Anyway, here’s a link to the workbook and the Anki shared onomatopoeia deck (which is helpfully illustrated!).

Good luck to all my fellow JLPT test-takers and happy language learning all round ^^

EDIT:Have just found out from my Integrated Approach textbook that Japanese onomatopoeia is called 擬音語(ぎおんご)and 擬態語(ぎたいご). 擬音語 mimics actual sounds, whereas 擬態語 expresses states, feelings or manners of actions. Bless this book ^^


5 thoughts on “cram cram cram

    • Not specifically, but i’ve noticed that they do put in the odd couple of questions in the vocab section, plus they do appear in reading comprehension. thank you! ^^

    • ooh i don’t know about amazingly well, but i’m trying my hardest and learning lots and having fun ^^ JLPT is only held once a year here in Sydney so N2 will have to wait until next December, but i hope i can do it then!

      Did you end up doing the July JLPT? How did it go?

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