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First JLPT experience! (N3)


So I finally took the JLPT N3 last Sunday!! Obviously, due to the Japan Foundation’s misconduct rules, I can’t really say much about the test itself but I feel that it went quite well and it was an enjoyable experience! The one thing that bothered me was that since the Sydney test location was a university, we had to do the exam on these tiny lecture theatre desks =_=

The language knowledge section was a little bit hard. Otherwise I think everything was quite manageable, especially reading. So I predict my section scores to be: reading > listening > language knowledge. I was also grateful for the breaks in between the sections, otherwise my concentration would have been 0000000000%.

I am quite looking forward to receiving my test results in March. In the meantime, I am now on the last chapter of my Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese textbook, so I am aiming to have my review ready to post next week. I also hope that my Tobira review will also be ready to post by the end of summer break.

I am currently considering some upper-intermediate / beginner-advanced materials to help me towards the start of my N2 journey. I am taking a look at Kanzen Master’s N2 Grammar text as well as Osamu Kamada’s Authentic Japanese. If anybody has used these texts or has any recommendations, please let me know, and please tell me about how you guys found the JLPT if you took it last Sunday!


4 thoughts on “First JLPT experience! (N3)

  1. Hannah says:

    My friend took N2 last Sunday! I am thinking of taking either N3 or N2 at the end of next year (I’ll have to go up to Melbourne in order to do it) but I can’t decide which one to do XD

  2. Congrats!! I took N2 last Sunday! For me, N2 listening was more difficult than I had previously practiced so i’m a bit worried but still keeping the hopes up! 🙂 btw How’s Aus right now? I’m relieved now that most of them got out safe and so many good people in Aus helped each other to cope with it.

    • I’m sure you’ll do fine! We all tend to be a bit overly self-critical after exams, but things will sort themselves out in March ^^

      I think things will be OK here – tbh there’s not much the government and federal police can do against individual acts of terrorism like what happened yesterday. I am more concerned of the growth of anti-Muslim sentiment (as some Australian people can just be so IGNORANT, people were already posting really discriminatory things on Twitter yesterday >.<). The cafe is in an area of the city that I often walk through because it is close to my part-time job and the exclusion zone includes buildings where I sometimes do errands (I work as a paralegal so there is a lot of filing at court to be done by me). I was lucky that I didn't have to work and be in the city yesterday. It hits very very close to home :/ But thank you for asking.

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