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I actually have nothing to blog about in particular so I’m just going to leave this food porn here hohoho >:D It’s the special rice from Gumshara here in Sydney’s Chinatown. They make fantastic ramen (which I have previously mentioned) but if you don’t feel like being weighed down by a bowl of noodles, I highly recommend that you allow yourself to be weighed down by this bowl of rice instead! It comes with all your typical ramen toppings + spicy pickled mustard greens on rice. The rice also has yummy things like more egg and cha shu chopped through it. They give you a small bowl of their extra-thick tonkotsu broth too (you can just make it out in the background), so what I like to do is wet the rice with the broth and eat it in large, ungraceful, foodgasmic mouthfuls. Did I also mention that all of this heart-stopping glory can be yours for $9? You’re welcome.

I suppose I should probably mention some form of language learning here though right? Well, I’m going to start Chapter 5 of Tobira today (IT’S ON JAPANESE FOOD WOOP) and I am on track to finish it before uni starts again. I also used my Japanese to communicate with fans on Twitter who are organising food support for my k-idol’s activities in Japan, and it appears that they understood me so I am proud 😀 I am also more than halfway through La Vérité sur l’affaire Harry Quebert, which I posted about about two weeks ago I think, so my French cognitive muscles aren’t totally going to waste (unlike my Italian ones woops). Turns out it’s actually 800 pages, not 600 O.O I’m really enjoying it so far!

So that’s all I can report for this week! I hope you are all well, and that your language learning is going well. You must tell me what you’ve been up to ^^


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