So I found out that Benny Lewis has finally made his way down under and he’ll be doing a Sydney meet and greet! The event isn’t until March so I’ll have to see what my uni timetable is like, but I’d really like to go!! I expect that I will feel really inadequate in the face of his epic polyglotting skills though. I’ve been following his blog since I was in high school, and I really look up to him as a language learner (he is my language learning idol)! Reading Fluent in 3 Months inspired me to start up Polyglot Plotting. Although everybody may not necessarily agree with his methods (as learning is highly individual), his suggestions are sound and I appreciate his work ethic and commitment to not just language learning, but making sure it’s for everybody. I really do hope I can make it!


2 thoughts on “fangirling.

  1. Hi Chantelle! I’ve been subscribed to your blog since summer of last year when I first became interested in learning Korean. Unfortunately many changes in my work life happened and so language-learning took a back seat to, well, everything.

    In spite of that, I was still subscribed to your blog on Feedly and I saw this post a few days ago while slacking off in class. The fact that Benny inspired you to start this very blog piqued my curiosity, so I got his book and wow, I’m only 70% in and I’m already soo pumped to dive back into Korean again.

    I love his emphasis on speaking one’s target language from the get-go. On my first attempt to learn Korean, I relied mostly on books and academic sources. I now see that using a more direct approach might be better.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say THANKS for this post! And for your blog! You’ve helped inspire a girl from Canada to get her butt back in gear, haha. Let’s hope this second attempt will be more fruitful… I’m also thinking of picking up Japanese, as I’ll be visiting Tokyo in April. Nothing like a deadline to motivate me, eh?

    Have a great 2015!

    • This comment made me so happy! I’m so glad that my blog is able to be meaningful to my readers, in whatever small way ^^

      I wish you luck for your second try at Korean, and I hope that you can get some Japanese under your belt before you travel!

      Best wishes and thank you for your kind words ^^

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