no chill.


Chinese Gardens of Friendship, Sydney

Hello everybody! I’m extremely glad to report that my exams, and the academic year, have now finished :3 Sweet, sweet relief T.T

I don’t know about you guys but I’m fairly introverted and I take great pleasure in spending time by myself. Usually I’d go shopping or eat something yummy by myself but I decided to do something a bit more special so last week I headed to the Sydney Sea Life Aquarium and the Chinese Gardens of Friendship. I’ve always loved aquariums for an inexplicable reason. I find underwater life extremely beautiful, if a little intimidating! My trip was only ruined by one school excursion group, which is always a bonus. If you’re in Sydney, or if you’re visiting, I’d highly recommend checking out these gems for yourself (particularly the Gardens! They are an inexpensive treat for the soul).








And the Aquarium… 🐠





Always take some time to enjoy your own hometown – as they say, there’s truly no place like home.


2 thoughts on “no chill.

    • haha well Sweden is a beautiful (if not more beautiful) place too! I’m sure you can unearth some (indoor) hidden gems during the winter season too xD but yes if you do ever make your way here you should pay them a visit!

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