Japanese, JLPT N2



I didn’t even realise scores were out until I logged on here. But yeah! It is what it is. To be honest, I wasn’t even expecting to pass because I just simply didn’t prepare for the exam, despite my best intentions. On the flipside I settled into uni life a bit better and sorted out some new jobs. But I still decided to take the December N2 to gauge where I was at ‘au naturel’.

Language knowledge has always been a weak spot, as seen in my previous N3 score. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my grammar was the better of the two – I just expected both vocab and grammar to be equally miserable. But I didn’t feel too badly about the grammar during the exam so I guess it shows.

I honestly thought I would be able to do better in reading – I previously scored 100% on the section so I expected my global comprehension to not be half bad. But I guess my lack of vocab knowledge fed into my reading skills.

I was super shocked by the listening section though! It’s practically on par with my N3! I seriously felt like I had no idea what was going on in the exam room and I had trouble staying focused during the long dialogues so either I am a very lucky person or I am not as terrible as I thought. It really was my saving grace.

So where to from here? To be frank, I think I’d like to take it again to improve on my score. There is now an impetus you see! If I could lift all sections into the 40s I would be very happy. I have gathered lots of resources, which I will probably eventually discuss here, and have been attempting a study program of sorts and making the most of my holidays. Before I went back to my part-time job I was aiming for 3 hours of work a week (4 x 45 min sessions) but now that I’m back to work 3-4 days a week, I’m lucky to get in half of that amount T.T But I have been trying to bolster my learning with some ‘quick study’ on Memrise, which I find very engaging! One of my New Years’ resolutions is to complete my three decks before December and it looks like I’m on track so far…


So that’s it from me – I’ll keep plodding along as I always do. I hope you guys all got the JLPT results that you wanted too! See you next time ^.^



6 thoughts on “miracle.

  1. Jayce says:

    Congrats! I’ll be taking N1 this July. I’m amazed at your effort for many different languages. がんばれ!

  2. Ariela says:

    OMG, I just found your blog and I’m in love. Please come back and post some more!
    Congratulations. I took N4 last week and I’m on my way to N3. You are awesome, studying so many languages ❤

    • Oh that’s great! I hope you do well in the N4, and best of luck with your N3 studies 🙂
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. I’ve been so busy with uni and am currently working overseas so I haven’t had time to update, but the fact that I still have people willing to read my updates means that I might just get back into it! So thanks ^^

  3. Portugalskaya says:

    You haven’t written anything for a long while. How is your Japanese doing? How are YOU doing?
    Have you managed to pass N2 once again? Have your results improved? What new textbooks can you recommend? Are you thinking of passing N1 text?
    Tell your fans everything 🙂

    • Hey there! Thank you for your kind words, and apologies for not being able to post here for the past year – work and uni is killing me.

      I did not retake the N2 last year because I was travelling, and will be mostly travelling this year I think 🙂 I’m hoping to write up some travel posts in due course, so fingers crossed, and thank you once again for dropping by!

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